Judicial System

Judicial SystemIn the Cambodian courts a single judge may hear all types of matters (civil, commercial, criminal and administrative). However, in practice, the principles of the Civil Law tradition concerning the separation of the courts are applied. For example, a civil case which also contains elements of a crime would have the criminal elements removed from the civil case and a separate criminal case would be filed. Cambodian law allows for the filing of criminal and civil cases simultaneously.There are lower courts, or courts of the first instance, called municipal or provincial courts in every province as well as one in Phnom Penh.

There is only one Appeal Court, which will hear cases based on law and fact and a Supreme Court which only hears cases on matters of law. There are no commercial courts. The courts only allow Khmer language so all documents must be submitted in Khmer.

Cambodia’s judicial system is still developing. New codes on criminal and civil procedure have been recently adopted. There is a new training school for judges and there are programs to strengthen the capacity of lawyers and the courts.



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