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Finance and InsuranceAs the country’s central bank, the National Bank of Cambodia determines the monetary policy of the nation. It is responsible for the supervision and regulation of all banks and financial institutions, whether in securities or foreign exchange, or futures and commodities such as precious metals and stones.

According to 1999 Law on Banking and Financial institutions the NBC is also charged with formulating and implementing exchange policies. It is the sole issuer of the Cambodian Riel and is empowered with setting interest rates.

The commercial banking sector, which include micro-financing institutions, is required by law to acquire licenses from the NBC and must have a minimum capital of $13 million USD. A specialized bank needs a minimum capital of $2.5 million USD. Sciaroni & Associates represents many private banks in Cambodia. In this capacity, it can provide assistance and advice on project financing and routine corporate matters to banks, borrowers, insurance companies, leasing interests, NGOs, international financial institutions and property developers.



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