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Welcome to the Royal Consulate General of Cambodia in Zurich, Switzerland

Nay Chhéng Hay

Thanks for visiting our website. On behalf of the Royal Consulate General, I would like to wholeheartedly welcome you to our Consulate. With a sense of profound satisfaction, I am honored to be appointed as the first Honorary Consul General of Cambodia in Zurich, Switzerland.

One of the primary aims of the mission of our Consulate General in Switzerland is to strengthen the bonds of friendship between our two nations in Zurich. My staff and I will be at the best disposal to serve for that purpose; and we are doing with every effort to enhance the relations between our two nations. The main activities of the Consulate General reflect the commitments and willingness to further promote and enhance the economic, trade, social, and cultural cooperation in the Canton of Zurich in the best interest of both countries.

I do hope that our website will provide visitors with update information in Cambodia relevant to its picture at present, along with its past heritage of great culture and glory as a country of wonders. Just log on to our website, you can get a glimpse at our activities, and other facts about Cambodia and you can link to other pages to view on what's happening in the smiling land of Cambodia.

Nay Chheng Hay 
Hon. Consul General




Attention no visa on arrival from the June 8, 2015 No visa on arrival from the June 8, 2015 for all Diplomatic passport Holder.  more ›

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